Beer vending machines only accepts Canadian passports

KSDK - It was Arthur C. Clarke who once said "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

And while he was probably talking about something a bit heavier than a refrigerator full of beer, this is nevertheless the quote that best describes the amazing invention Canadian athletes get to behold at the Sochi Olympics.

The refrigerator is full of beer, which is awesome enough, but the quality that makes it seem like something that could only exist in fairy tales is that it only gives that beer to those possessing Canadian passports.

To get a beer, users just have to scan a Canadian passport and boom! A heavenly buzz awaits.

"We knew Sochi would be a great fit for the passport fridge, and Molson Coors has been long term partners with the Canadian Olympic Committee," Molson Coors spokesman Forest Kenney told For the Win in an email. "As part (of) our collaboration, they invited us to play a role in the hospitality at their official Canada House in Olympic Village. The photo you may have seen circulating is actually one of the folks from our team at Canada House, using her passport to open the fridge."

Oh Canada. Well.Done.


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