Here's What I Know: Golovkin, Adams, Yadier, and This is Us conviction

Conviction is a tricky concept for some people to grasp, but it's a patient idea, so there is time to catch up. But is conviction enough for people on a big stage, or is more needed? Everyone strives to show conviction in what they do, and the results can range from mildly gratifying to wholly emotional. Whether it's a boxing match, spring training game, adaptation of a legendary tale, or a TV show, the goal is a firm belief in one's actions. As I pour a chilled can of Four Hands brewery product City Wide, let me tell you what I know. 

Boxing is alive and well

Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs proved that boxing, especially the middleweight division, is far from dead Saturday night.

In a clash of wills and destiny inside Madison Square Garden, the two fighters battled for twelve close rounds and, in the end, Golovkin came out victorious due to consistent punching location and an early knockdown.

Earlier in the night, 115 pound beasts Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai destroyed each other over 12 rounds of brutal action, with Gonzalez being dealt his first professional loss on a firm-yet-fair decision.

One was a fight of the year candidate, and each may lead to a rematch. The takeaway is clear; boxing is anything but dead, and there are so many fighters worth following. Boxing won last night.

Golovkin's other brand of power

The Russian champion is becoming a household name in the states, and for one solid reason: he promises entertaining fights. The battle with Jacobs was his least entertaining fight, and that's because each fighter finished the twelfth round on their feet. They were chanting "GGG!" in The Garden, and Jacobs won belts in New York. As much as Canelo is a superstar, Golovkin, albeit at age 34, is a bona fide star not just in the making. He's a global sensation and has considerable swag. 

One other thing: I would hate to be a judge on those two fights. Talk about flipping a coin and staring hard enough at stats on paper that the ink soaks into your fingers. Fight judges are ridiculed every single year, but — like umpires in baseball deciding a game on one decision beyond reasonable doubt — they are the center of attention far less often than not. The money they make for the job is earned on nights such as Saturday's doubleheader contest. Two incredibly hard-to-score bouts. Cheers to them. 

Matt Adams in the Outfield?

Matt Adams is playing outfield for two reasons: versatility on a changing baseball team and making himself more attractive to trade partners.

As I wrote last week for the sports page here, Adams doesn't belong in Memphis, because his left-handed bat has considerable sway on this team. He can be as lethal off the bench as Tommy Pham and Jose Martinez, and is making $2.8 million this season. If I had to name one Cardinal who doesn't finish 2017 wearing the Birds on the Bat, it's Adams, but he only gets there by being present.

If Chris Duncan can drop crucial fly balls in a World Series, Adams can shag some fly balls in a spring training game. Settle down. Remember when the media reported that Matt Holliday wouldn't play first base? He ended up there in the regular season. Let's see where this Adams experiement goes before we go berserk.

Yadier Molina Extension Update

There is no update, but let's talk about it anyway, because that's the rum of choice this week. Yadier's big brother, Bengie, mentioned on a podcast (a good one, Two Birds on A Bat) that the Cardinals should offer an extension to his brother soon. I'm paraphrasing, but Bengie was restless about the process. Join the party, pal. John Mozeliak doesn't hand out extensions like tiny snickers bars on Halloween. He hides them deep in the grass, like a pesky old man on Easter.

The Cardinals and Molina will agree on an extension before the month of July begins. He isn't finishing his career elsewhere. With no offense to Carson Kelly, 30+ games of good hitting and a minor league gold glove doesn't convince me he's ready to handle the rigors of catching full time in the Major Leagues. Yadier Molina's bat is still potent, as you may have noticed in the World Baseball Classic. He can still call a game well, command a staff, and is indispensable to the Cardinals. 

But one must understand this will be a chess game between Molina's camp and Mozeliak's team. Deciding on what is right for the team and respectable for the player is no easy decision, so don't hold your breath. This isn't like Jonathan Broxton deciding to load up his Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. It's a process, and one that will stretch out over months. 

The True Allure of "This Is Us"

People ask all the time why I like the NBC show so much, and the answer is simple: it reminds me of how much I love my family. It sounds extra corny, but it's very true, and the show is so good at making the viewer feel something.

The stories cast a light on the decades strong power of family, and how an action can reverberate over time. Dan Fogelman's writing and the acting are superb, but every time I finish an episode, it moves me to think about my own life and family.

Do yourself a favor and just watch an episode. See if you feel something, and measure the emotion it can create in less than 45 minutes. I don't watch many network shows, and I love even fewer, but this show breaks the mold. Just try it. 

Parting Shots:

  • The WWII film told from the Danish perspective — "Land of Mine" — still hasn't left my mind nearly a week after screening it. It has the tension of Hurt Locker and resonates within your conscience. Check it out at Plaza Frontenac. 
  • With no offense to the NCAA basketball addicts out there, I will admit I merely guessed on my bracket, so I couldn't care less. My passion for NCAA sports is as vibrant as my passion for breaded mushrooms, so I am a casual observer more than a fevered fan.
  • Having said that, the hire of Cuonzo Martin at Missouri is a reason for a casual fan like myself to get more involved with the Tigers action this fall. 
  • Some advice: don't say something to a person on social media that you wouldn't say in person. Cowards do that, and that shouldn't be you. 
  • Beer of choice right now is Tank 7, but my goodness does Shocktop have a fine finish on a 60-degree day. 
  • There's nothing wrong with Beauty and the Beast, because it's a live action adaptation of an animated classic, which means it's fresh and not recycled. 

Thanks for reading. Have a thought or question? Let's have a cup of coffee over social media on Facebook (Dan Buffa) or Twitter @buffa82. 

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