'I'm one of the biggest busts in NBA history,' admits player

In case you've somehow forgotten, and if you have we're guessing you're not a Trail Blazers fan, Greg Oden at one point was the number one pick in the NBA draft. Now, he's fighting for minutes off the bench on the Miami Heat. In an interview with his longtime friend Mark Titus on Grantland, Titus asks if he'll be OK if his legacy is being a bench warmer for the Heat for the rest of his career.

Oden's answer was one of someone who has most likely thought about this question a lot:

The former Ohio State player is one that is hard not to root for during what appears to be a second chance at a career with the Heat. Titus has written before about the deep depression Oden fell into when his body didn't appear to be able to hold together long enough to play in multiple games. But with the Heat (knock on wood), he's produced a few solid minutes, some exciting dunks and perhaps more importantly: Hope that he's not just going to end up as history's biggest draft flop — even if he acknowledges that for now, he is on that list.


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