Clemens has fun with Seattle media

(KSDK Sports) -- While watching practice Thursday, several reporters joked that the Rams should implement the read-option into their offense because of the mobility of quarterback Kellen Clemens. On one level, it actually could make sense. However, it is also important to keep Clemens out of harm's way as much as possible and not subject him to any extra hits that could potentially knock him out of the game.

Well, it turns out, Clemens had some fun with the Seattle media during a conference call Thursday when he was asked about being comfortable with the Rams' offensive system.

Clemens said, "Yeah, we'll be fine. I've been working with Schottie (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) for seven years."

Then, with tongue firmly implanted in his cheek (we think), Clemens added, "The only thing that's going to be different probably this week is all the read option that we're going to try to do. Try to maximize some of my speed to get to the edge. So that'll probably be the only new wrinkle."

Clemens was also able to poke some fun at himself when the subject shifted to Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota because Clemens also went to Oregon.

Asked about Mariota, Clemens said, "I'll tell you what; the kid is the full package. Tall, looks like he throws it good, he's got good speed. It looks like, hopefully knock on wood, the Ducks might have one of their first Heisman Trophy candidates and winners, hopefully when this thing is all done. I'm certainly pulling for him. He seems like a great kid."

Then, Clemens was asked if Mariota is a replication of himself. To which, Clemens said, "He's exactly like me. But he's taller, throws it better, and he runs faster. But other than that, we are completely the same."

Finally, Clemens turned serious when the subject turned to suddenly being the starter after being the backup and how that adjustment is.

Said Clemens, "Well you know, you never really stop viewing yourself as a starter because as soon as you do that, if an opportunity like this does come along, you can't go back to it. You know what I'm saying? The quarterbacks coach, Matt Cavanaugh in New York; he was with the Jets at the time, told me, 'Once you start viewing yourself as a backup, you will never be a starter again,' and I've really held onto that for a long time.

"So I understood when I came back here. Look, Sam (Bradford) is a franchise guy and he's a guy that I respect, I admire as a player and as a person. So it's not a competition of any sort. I'm not trying to take his job or anything like that. But at the same time, you have to go into each game, each practice, understanding that there's a possibility at some point that you are in the position that we find ourselves into today. Where the two has to step up and be a productive starter."

Monday, we'll find out how productive Clemens can be.


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