Surprise! Nobody was even close to perfectly guessing the St. Louis Rams schedule

Because the constraints of probability are impossible to overcome, sort of a like .500 record is for the St. Louis Rams, no fan was able to predict the entire 16-game schedule for the NFC West team, thus missing out on a chance to win an appallingly minuscule $100,000 reward.

Earlier this month, the Rams announced a contest that would give $100k to any fan who accurately predicted the dates, opponents and order of the team's entire 2014 schedule. Oh yeah, you had to pick the bye week too. So even if you predicted the exact order of the Rams' slate but thought the team's Week 15 game against Arizona would be on a Sunday, not a Thursday, you'd lose. Not that anyone got that far, or even close to that far.

Of the thousands of entries, only four had four accurate consecutive weeks, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. An infinitesimal percentage of entrants had 25% of the perfect schedule. Translation: Wasn't. Gonna. Happen.

This was an impossible feat made to feel within the realm of possibility because of the paltry prize money. The odds of getting the perfect schedule were 1 in 16,294,782,089,552,200. That's like winning Powerball two weeks in a row. And for that, the prize was $100,000? You might as well offer someone $100k to walk to the moon! At least Warren Buffett offered $1 billion he knew nobody would win for the perfect NCAA tournament bracket (which was 500 times more impossible than the perfect schedule).

The Rams might not have been able to float that total, but this is a team that will end up paying Sam Bradford more than $50 million. Surely they could have swung something better than $100,000. How about $10 million? How about being coach for a day? If a budding mathematician won, get them to star in Good Will Hunting 2 or something.


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