Bob Costas will miss Wednesday night's Olympic telecast too

Bob Costas has a new Olympics streak going. After sitting in NBC's Olympic chair for 157 straight telecasts, the NBC host will miss his second-straight night of Olympics coverage on Wednesday due to the eye infectionthat's afflicted him since the start of the Games.

Today co-host Matt Lauer led coverage from Sochi on Tuesday,ending Costas's uninterrupted 22-year runin the chair. He'll replace Costas again on Wednesday.

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Once again, Costas called into Today to break the news. He made some jokes, informed Lauer that he'd be "called from the bullpen," then explained the reason for Wednesday's planned absence:

"It's involuntary. It's an eye infection and my eyes are so blurry, watery and light sensitive that even in dim light, they're constantly tearing up. I can't possibly be in the studio. It's not a case of just saying — what the heck, I'll go in not feeling well."

Lauer once again wished Costas the best and also discussed why he showed up early to Tuesday's taping.

"[It wasn't] to practice my lines, but to Lysol your whole dressing room."

Costas laughed, then promised he'd fill-in for Lauer during the next 10 "Ambush Makeovers" on Today.

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