Runners rally to run in Boston Marathon

ST. LOUIS - It's been nearly a year since the Boston Marathon bombings.

In two weeks, thousands of people will head to Massachusetts to run the event. Two local residents were there the day of the bombings, and they're headed back.

If you're a runner like Matt Kruger and Heidi Schmidt, the mind has time to wander as much as the road.

"It takes you away from everything else. There's no cell phone no TV. Nothing. You can just figure out, things fall into place," said Heidi.

"It allows me to relieve stress, it allows me to find an escape, but more than that it allows me to be connected with so many people," said Matt.

Matt and Heidi run in similar circles but, never formally met before Wednesday. The two share a bond beyond running.

"It looked like something out of a movie or like you do see news events on TV. And it's like thank goodness I'm away from that I'm safe," said Matt.

They were both there. Heidi crossed the finish line an hour before the bombs went off. Matt was just a few blocks away from the finish line.

"Just to see the people so distraught the first responders and acting so courageously it was surreal," said Matt.

"The thought I had at the time was how dare somebody take away something from all of us runners," said Heidi.

As the life continues, so does their journey.

"We can't allow someone to come in a dictate whether or not we run or where we run," said Heidi.

The share a bond and a road that leads back to Boston.


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