Prince attends French Open, holds scepter

Prince watched the king on Monday the French Open.

The enigmatic, Grammy-winning musician was in attendance for Rafael Nadal's fourth-round match on Monday at Roland Garros. He was dressed in a turtleneck underneath a flowing vest/frock that matched his pants, all with a thin mustache, afro and a scepter that signaled his royal bearing. (If you've ever wondered how to get your scepter past stadium security, there's your answer: Be Prince.)

Prince was in Paris for a run of surprise concerts that had been announced the previous week. His 18-song set on Sunday ended with Something In The Water and Purple Rain, though thankfully those song choices didn't prove prophetic, as a lovely weather day allowed the final fourth-round matches to proceed as scheduled.

With Prince in attendance, Rafael Nadal played like he'd been recently bathed in the healing waters of Lake Minnetonka. The French Open master won the first set against Dusan Lajovic 6-1, rattled 17 straight points to open the second set (coming just seven points away from the rare golden set) and won 19 of his 20 first first-serve points.

Meanwhile, the folks at Prince, the tennis equipment company, looked on and can't believe it never occurred to them to make this connection before.


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