Tonya Harding still bitter over Nancy Kerrigan saga

Tonya Harding has not moved on from her saga with Nancy Kerrigan that ended with Harding's ban for life from skating. Look at what she said during ESPN's "30 for 30? documentary on the attack on Kerrigan and Harding's role on it before the 1994 Olympics.

"Nancy's a princess, you know. That's how everybody's seeing her. She's a princess and I'm a pile of crap," said Harding in the film The Price of Gold.

After Harding plead guilty to hindering prosecution of the group of men who attacked Kerrigan, Harding was given a lifetime ban from figure skating, and her national championship in 1994 was vacated. Harding broke into tears when talking about the ban.

"Truthfully, I don't remember much about anything after the Olympics 'cause I, I lost everything," Harding said.

She still claims she wasn't involved, and held onto her innocence in the recent interview by ESPN. Kerrigan declined a chance to be interviewed on camera.

It was a compelling look back at the bizarre time when a top American athlete was attacked. Harding, who has recently married and is a mother of a two-year-old son, still clearly had not moved on from her anger at the end of her figure skating career.

She's still angry that she didn't cash in on skating, as many of her contemporaries did.

"Skating was put on the map, supposedly from me... Everybody made a life and a livelihood, um, except me," Harding said.

Kerrigan, in not speaking to the cameras, showed she had moved on. Harding, with her angry, bitter words, showed again she had not.

Once again, Nancy beat Tonya.


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