KSDK - Death is unavoidable.

"Tyler was 28 when he was diagnosed with stage four melanoma," said Ashley Swip, Tyler's sister.

But when it knocks on the door of someone so young with so much life to live, it can be overpowering.

"He had to quit his job, he moved back home with my parents, he stopped talking to his friends and he became very isolated," Swip said.

So his sister decided to do something special for him.

"He was the biggest Cardinal fan in the whole world," Swip said.

She made a call to a friend at the Cardinals and they created an unforgettable day at Busch Stadium.

"He got to go on the field before the game. He got to go and meet Al Hrabosky," Swip said.

Most importantly, he smiled that day.

"He laughed, he was like the old Tyler again and it was like cancer didn't exist for one day," Swip said.

Tyler passed away six weeks later, but that special day kept coming back to his sister.

"We just kept going back to how maybe we could do things like we got to do for Tyler," Swip said.

Because after searching the web she discovered there wasn't a single organization granting wishes for young adults, so in 2011 she started 3 Little Birds 4 Life.

"We've granted over 70 wishes in 25 different states," Swip said.

They've granted all sorts of wishes.

"We sent someone from New York skydiving. We just did one for a gentleman in St. Louis that he needed a new water heater and carpet and a new bedroom," Swip said.

But the objective is always the same.

"It can be whatever that young adult is needing to make them feel that cancer doesn't define them," Swip said.

3 Little Birds 4 Life now has four chapters. There's also a fun fundraiser, Jamdown Rockas, scheduled for March 8th.

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