The Grammy and Tony award winning Wicked is back at the Fabulous Fox Theatre for the fourth time. The show wouldn't be the same without one of the iconic props, "Glinda's" bubble.

"When I came out in the bubble this theatre is so big I felt sort of like I was in this abyss. It just looked so huge and the lights I could see my dress glittering and it feels amazing," said Jeanna de Wall, who plays "Glinda."

When du Wall opens the show in her bubble the star brings the fairy tale to life, even while wearing a 60lb dress in high heels.

"First of all its very heavy, but apart from that it feels gorgeous," said du Wall.

"Glinda" waits in the bubble for three minutes before she actually appears and then she's on stage for four minutes. They bubble rises 27 feet above the stage and it takes two crew members to operate the flying contraption. The actress is given a tap on the shoulder to give her the clear that she can walk out of her bubble onto the stage.

Wicked is playing at the Fox Theatre now through January 6. To get tickets head to

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