Many 11 year olds spend the bulk of their time watching TV or riding their bikes, but one St. Louis kid finds he would rather be writing. Matthew Montgomery is a published author with more novels in the works. The 6th grader finished his first book in a trilogy, Aliens in Disguise: Rise of the Heroes, before he entered junior high. The science fiction novel takes readers on a magical journey with aliens with a hidden message.

"Just the flow of what's happening in my real life got into my writing. In elementary school I was kind of bullied so the way of the bullying kind of got itself into the book," said Matthew Montgomery.

Matthew's father is helping the young author publish his second book in the series.

"He was always a kid telling stories," explained Peter Montgomery.

Matthew writes most mornings before school, but he's taking a break from his trilogy to focus on his third story, a fantasy.

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