The 9s is the first St. Louis men's lifestyle magazine. It's for the man's man that calls St. Louis home and a publication that gives women a glimpse inside their guys head.

"It's men from St. louis, style from St. Louis, gadgets from St. Louis, explained Suzanne Keppel, The 9s publisher/owner.

"I love reading magazines. There's nothing that spoke directly to men on multiple facets. I'm a family man so I wanted a section there for husbands and fathers I also like style I like sports and so it just grabbed a lot more resources than just other magazines that focus on one area or another," said Bobby Keppel, The 9s founder/owner.

The magazine is designed as a source for all St. Louis guys, including style.

"It's for the average Joe. It's for anyone out there that's looking for a new fashion trend or looking to upscale their wardrobe," said Ola Hawatmeh, The 9s Style Editor.

Inside the pages you'll also learn about some of the most intriguing men in St. Louis.

"This issue we focus on Matt Holiday. Matt Holiday of course as we all know is an incredible baseball player. He's also an awesome father and a husband and we just really break into his life with his children and his wife and just what he's really passionate about," explained Suzanne Keppel.

You can get afree hard copy of the first issue of the magazine at most grocery stores and book stores in the St. Louis area. You can also purchase a subscription at

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