A St. Louis couple is working together on a type of art that's growing in popularity. Buz and Karen Parrish started Heritage Barn Quilts last year and they're already shipping barn quilts around the country.

"A barn quilt is basically art for your barn or your shed or your home," explained Buz Parrish, Heritage Barn Quilt.

Buz does the woodworking and Karen works on the designing.

"A lot of our patterns are basic quilt patterns that come from the 1800's or they could be as old as you know in the 1900's," explained Karen Parrish.

You can find around 70 patterns at,but designs aren't limited to those.

There are only a handful of people that make barn quilts and the Parrish'sbelieve they're the onlyoneswho frame each piece before they're shipped off.

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