YOLF is a game invented and manufactured in St. Louis. The company is getting ready to re-launch the product in April with a new look and more easy to use features.

The game is specifically designed for anyone to play. Wether it's children with disabilities or the elderly, the creators want YOLF to be a way for everyone to enjoy a little competition.

"It's an 11" ball and it uses a mallet type club so it's easy to play," explained Bob Ament, YOLF.

Theinventorsfounded YOLF in1994. Thousands were sold all over the country, but Ament teamed up with the creators to re-invent the game.

"It used a steel pipe and we changed it to a sold fiberglass shaft which makes it much more durable. It doesn't bend. It stays the same color that it is. We color coordinated the ball and the shaft so that it's easy for people to play," said Ament.

The new version of YOLF will be available in April. It costs $246. If you reserve the game online before then you willrecievea 10% discount when the product hits the market. For more information head to