A new movie theatre has opened its doors in downtown St. Louis. MX Movies has the latest flicks, your favorite movie concessions and fine dining options.

"You're dealing with a dark movie theatre with people who don't need to sit there and like cut a steak and you're also dealing with the fact that people just want kind of like traditional concession stuff too. They might not be use to the idea of having a full menu and a full dinner in a movie theatre," explained Chef Josh Galliano, MX Movies.

It's been about 10 years since downtown St. Louis has had a movie theatre and that was housed at Union Station.

"It's part of the revitalization of downtown. People are shocked when they first come inside because it's so nice and when they leave they have something good to say they love it," said Bobby Jones, MX Movies GM.

MX Movies shows new films on three screens. You'll also find black and white movies playing in the bar area.

There's one server assigned to every 30 people seated in the theatre. You can order drinks, concessions and several St. Louis inspired dishes from the comfort of your seat.

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