A new bakery in New Town is turning heads for its healthy baked goods. The Organic Cave only uses select ingredients to make sure their sweet treats fall under the guidelines of many popular diets.

"We do cakes, we do muffins, we do cookies, we do cookie sandwiches, we do scones, biscuits and chocolate I actually make my own chocolate," explained Nichole DiGiuseppi, The Organic Cave.

The treats look like baked goods you'd find in a typical bakery, but there aren't grains, soy, gluten, dairy or processed sugars in most of the health friendly desserts.

The owners say The Organic Cave has been ahitamong those with Celiac Disease and dieters who follow a gluten free, GAPSor Paleo lifestyle.

"It's a wide audience," explained DiGiuseppi.

The bakery is also attracting dessert lovers who aren't on a special diet.

"That's the first thing they'll say is I would eat this."

The Organic Cave uses almond and coconut flower, coconut oil, fruit and nuts to make sure they're not sacrificing the taste of the treats.

The Organic Cave has some of their baked goods at local stores. The bakery is located in New Town. To learn more about the Paleo bakery go to