As wedding season draws near, one of our own St. Louis celebrities is preparing to say I do. Designer and Project Runway star Laura Kathleen Planck is letting fans in on her plans.

"As a designer it makes it 1,000 times more stressful because I already know exactly what I want. When you have a vision in your head and you have to figure out where to find it or where to make it takes a little bit more planning," said Laura Kathleen Planck, Designer.

The reality TV star is writing all about her wedding plans in a blog dedicated to her upcoming walk down the aisle at

"It talks about how Daniel and I met. It talks about going through finding the right venue we ended up choosing the Fabulous Fox Theatre," said Laura Kathleen.

The fashion, apparel and accessories designer has invited ALIVE magazine to cover the event so we can see the big day play out in the June issue.

"I obviously want our event to be very memorable and I want people to find it a unique experience I want people to see it as an artist experience."

The bride to be continues to make fashion a priority in her hometown and the wedding is just her latest push to get St. Louis on the map.

Laura Kathleenwill hostSt. Louis Fashion Week this month. For tickets head to

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