No matter who is still left on your holiday shopping list, there is a perfect gift out there—and we've got a few tech-related ideas from our friends at AT&T.

AT&T has lots of great gift ideas beyond the traditional smartphone and tablet.

1. Mr. (or Mrs.) Gadget = Galaxy Gear Smartwatch ($299)

· Watch offers a way to get all your notifications right on your wrist – email, calendar, social media, calls, texts and more

· Can place calls from the watch (very futuristic!)

· Sleek design and camera in wrist-strap

2. Fitness Buff = FitBit Force ($129)

· Comfortable wrist-strap that tracks all your steps and activity

· Altimeter shows how many "stairs" you've climbed

· Syncs wirelessly with smartphone app and provides motivation throughout the day

· Wear it to bed to track sleep patterns

3. Traveler = iSound Backup Battery ($90)

· Provides up to 480 hours of backup power for up to 5 devices

· Whether you are stuck at the airport or out sightseeing, you never have to worry about running out of power

· Compact design fits easily in travel bag or suitcase

· Great in emergencies too!

4. Music Lover = Bose SoundLink ($299) and SoundLink Mini ($199)

· Bose is the leader in sound quality

· Connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet

· Rechargable battery lasts for 7-8 hours

5. Fashionista = SensorTouch Gloves ($35 - $75)

· Being outside in winter doesn't mean you have to put your phone away!

· SensorTouch gloves are made in tons of styles and colors –including leather

· Special sensors allow you to still swipe a touchscreen and keep your fingers warm

To purchase any of these gifts from AT&T—check out one of the more than 40 AT&T stores in the St. Louis area!