SHOW ME ST. LOUIS- A St. Louis photographer is in Sochi snapping big moments during the Olympics.

"You just want to walk away saying, 'Yes, I was able to tell the story,'" photographer Scott Rovak said.

Scott Rovak has worked as a sports photographer for 30 years in St. Louis covering the Cardinals and the Rams. He's had a front row seat to countless sporting events, but even a veteran photographer like Rovak knows shooting the Olympics is as big as it gets.

"You have to have one of those that's the bucket list thing."

This is Rovak's first Olympics. He'll be shooting hockey, a sport he's familiar with.

"When the puck drops, I'm just shooting a hockey game. It could be the gold medal game it could be the very first game of the women's bracket it doesn't matter what it is then I'm just shooting a hockey game," Rovak said.

The photographer is working for USA Today while in Sochi. He'll be sharing some of his favorite moments with us daily on Show Me St. Louis.