Lose weight with Physicians Choice Wellness

- If you're looking for a way to get on track to a healthier you, there's a place in St. Louis where health experts want to help you get started and see you through to your weight loss goals. The experts at Physicians Choice Wellness will help you with diet, exercise and beyond.

"Here at Physicians Choice Wellness we really like to make it a family type environment," explained Samantha Strimple, Registered Dietician.

Chris Bullock lost 80 lbs on the PCW program and he gained the knowledge and tools to keep the weight off.

"I had tried other things and this was an opportunity that I felt that might be different than the others," said Chris Bullock, PCW client.

Physicians Choice Wellness is located at 7700 Oliver Boulevard in University City. For more information check out or call 314-449-6464.

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