St Louis Zoo Preschool

It's a place known for unusual creatures and hands-on learning, but now the St. Louis Zoo is mixing the two.

"We wanted the opportunity to work with children on a more long term basis," explained Laura Seger, St. Louis Zoo Early Childhood Program Coordinator.

The zoo is opening its doors to kids in a whole new way.

"It's just such a wonderful place for a preschool. Children at this age are really truly scientists," said Seger.

Preschool will take place in the Monsanto Education Gallery, an already popular spot for your little ones.

"In some of its aspects it will be just like a regular preschool. There will be songs, we'll be learning all the same early childhood skills that you'd learn at any other preschool, but when you go outside instead of going to a playground we may be going to see the elephants or do an observation on the ground about some of the other animals," explained Seger.

"We like to build a love of learning and a love of animals from a very early age," said Angie Carter, St. Louis Zoo Early Childhood Instructor.

Animals and nature will be incorporated in the St. Louis Zoo Preschool curriculum.

"It's important to go outside to have a real connection to the natural world," said Carla Hoppe, St. Louis Zoo Early Childhood Instructor.

Kids will still learn the fundamentals, but it's where their doing the learning and maybe who their meeting that's out of the norm.

"The biggest is just our location. We have access to a really wonderful group of animals and amazing staff," said Seger.

The Saint Louis Zoo Preschool is accepting applications for their new half day preschool program beginning in September. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are for kids ages 3-4. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are for kids ages 4-5. For more information go to or call 314-646-4544

The education gallery will still be open to the public in the afternoon daily.

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