Most people look forward to retiring so they can put their feet up and relax. But Gerry Hufker and Celeste Ruee are busier than ever.

It all started 35 years ago when Gerry was working at SLU and Celeste was a police officer for the city of St. Louis.

Impressive women who found time in their busy schedules to give back.

"I think it was probably the love of animals and then I realized what a great job the St. Louis Zoo does and so I got more and more involved and then all of a sudden you think that this is your second home."

Over the years they've been docents, worked in the information booth and helped with the zoo parents program.

But in the late 90s they had another job.

"My most favorite was also my most rewarding job they ask us to quote babysit two chimpanzees who were deserted by their mothers."

They've obviously seen more of the zoo than the rest of us.
"We fed them with spoons and of course they're sloppier eaters than babies are."

The Zoo is always looking for volunteers and to learn more just go to

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