SHOW ME ST. LOUIS- There aren't many adventures that get you on the water, in the air and underground, but Meramec Caverns has it all. The main event is exploring seven stories of caves.

"It starts at 300 feet below the earth and goes all the way up to about 30 feet below the earths surface," explained Les Terilli Jr., Meramec Caverns owner.

Outside you can fly above the caverns through the trees and over the Meramec River.

"The ziplines is 3000 feet of zipline rides and you can reach speeds up to 50 miles an hour," said Terilli.

You can cool off on a boat ride.

"Our attraction here at Meramec Caverns is very family oriented and it takes no previous skill to do anything here."

All you need is an adventurous spirit. For more information call 573-468-3166 or visit

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