It's a place where shoppers can really rack up.

"Everything I have on I purchased at Goodwill," Mary Williams, a savvy shopper says.

A stockpile of stuff for a fraction of the price.

"You can get a pair of True Religions at Goodwill for only 20 dollars," explains Latrice Clayborne, District Manager for Goodwill.

You name it, you'll find it at Goodwill.

"There's been a lot of changes over the last 12 years with Goodwill and what we've really tried to do is kind of change that image to yeah it's not your grandma, your parent's Goodwill, it's something that everybody from every neighborhood can enjoy," Mark Kahrs, Executive Vice President of Retail points out.

It's a store that takes the guilt out of shopping because the money you hand over actually lends a helping hand to people in our community.

"Last year we helped over 64,000 people right here in the St. Louis community to find jobs, training for jobs, job placement. It's such a beautiful thing that we do here," Clayborne adds.

That's been the mission for more than 100 years. The only difference is the shopping has gotten better.

"We put thousands of items onto our store floor everyday. Really our goal is that every two weeks when you come the sales floor is really different, Karhs says.

He and his team are able to do that because donations are always coming in.

"It's a plethora of merchandize that comes from people right here in our St. Louis communities that continue to donate to Goodwill," Clayborne goes on to say.

And donating just got even easier thanks to a drive-thru.

"What we've also found as you can see behind me the biggest thing is kind of making donations accessible, giving people a way to drop off that's bright and inviting and safe where they can make that donation and get back about their day," Karhs adds.

There's virtually nothing they won't take. So you'll find furniture and accessories to perfectly place on top of it, shoes, shirts, slacks in every size.

"I don't know if you know this but you can clothe a child for 20 dollars a week if you choose to shop Goodwill," Clayborne points out.

So take a tip from a self proclaimed Goodwill fashionista and checkout what Goodwill has to offer chances are you won't be disappointed.

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