ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - When it comes to the local forecast, Scott and the rest of the First Alert Weather team have to work more TV magic than most of us.

"This is always the west coast, this is going towards the east coast you kind of learn that from the get go," Scott Connell says.

Because the maps and radars you see aren't really there.

"These are our sources, our computer sources so we know what's coming up on the computer screen," he explains.

Every morning Scott paces in front of, then points at a blank screen.

"We can't wear green because if we wear green then we disappear see look," Connell says as Bree Smith wraps the two of them in a green sheet.

What you see like the seven day forecast comes in with a click of a button.

"If we need to go back real fast and change something we can change something," Connell says.

"Sometimes you think you were going forwards and you end up going back," he goes on to say.

He's always smooth, but pointing at the proper places requires practice.

"What we do is look at the monitors off to the side to see where we're pointing at but you also see look into the TV camera here. They do flip the teleprompter so we can see ourselves in the teleprompter," Connell say.

By the way, he also has to create every single map. So most of the time what you see here on NewsChannel 5 what you get, but not always when it comes to weather.

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