Godfrey (KSDK)

- In just days, Illinois will become the final state in the country to allow people to carry concealed weapons. So firearms experts are working to make sure people are ready to carry them safely.

Illinois State Police will start offering online applications for concealed carry licenses on January 5th. In order for people to qualify for a license they have to take a 16 hour certification course.

Mark Maggos owns Trigger Talent. He started expanding his firearm safety courses six months ago in order to prepare for concealed carry in Illinois.

"We're teaching them from the ground up, the skills to be safe," said Maggos.

And he says the demand for his instruction has been steadily increasing. His classes are booked up through January.

"It's people that just want to have the license and not carry, [and] it's people that want to carry for self protection. And they want to be knowledgeable about it. They want to be ready should something happen," said Maggos

The new law is also motivating those with basic firearm knowledge to get more advanced training.

"They may want a little more confidence in being able to pull that firearm and get it into action as soon as possible."

Once the state starts receiving applications, it will process them then begin sending out licenses. The first ones are expected to be issued in April.