KSDK - Imagine owning a Picasso, and only paying 100 Euros for it.

For one lucky person, that will soon be a reality, thanks to Pablo Picasso's grandson, Olivier, and an unusual charity fundraiser.

Fifty thousand raffle tickets are up for grabs for a chance to win this piece -- "The Man With the Opera Hat" -- a cubist work created nearly 100 years ago.

Picasso's signature, a bit difficult to see, is jotted across the upper right hand corner.

Tickets are going fast online -- 40,000 so far have been bought by people with Picasso's in their eyes.

And they proceeds are going to a cause you might not expect: protecting the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre, in Lebanon, which was devastated during the 15-year Lebanese Civil War. Its many ancient monuments are damaged beyond repair.

The money raised will give the ancient city a new arts center and scholarship institute.