ST. LOUIS - He's not a household name, but his performance of 'God Bless American' during the seventh inning stretch of Game 3 of the World Series went viral.

"It's like, 'Wow, it's all over the place right now,'" said retired Naval Petty Officer Generald Wilson.

This obviously wasn't the first time he's performed the song. Generald Wilson started singing when he was five.

"I used to lead the adult choir into the church," Wilson said.

He grew up and joined the Navy, but never stopped singing.

"They said, 'Hey, why don't you sing the national anthem?'" Wilson said.

Each morning he did just that and eventually was called upon to do retirement celebrations, banquets and Navy balls.

"And that one time with Georgia Frontiere, her being in the midst of the audience, that's when the big break came," Wilson said.

He sang the national anthem at a Rams game in 1998 and he's been busy belting out patriotic songs ever since.

"Rams: it could be two to three games a season. Cardinals" it could be two to three unless they make the playoffs or World Series, then it's a lot," Wilson goes on to say.

He also does several Blues games and an occasionally Chiefs game, but those aren't paying gigs.

"They give you good seats, good parking, but other than that it's to be able to serve," Wilson goes on to say.

What pays the bills is his job as a human resource specialist for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"This is my Monday through Friday, Friday night Saturday and Sunday I do my gospel thing," Wilson said.

So Genarald Wilson isn't chasing any dreams.

"I'm actually a singer so I'm not chasing it," Wilson said.

He's living his one big note at a time.