ST. LOUIS – From the PlayStation 4 to a sweater featuring a space sloth (Google it), there are plenty of amazing gifts on people's Christmas wish-lists this year. But there are some gifts that might be a little….awkward to receive.

We've listed 10 of those below:

10. Chia Pet: First off… name something more impersonal than one of these American-styled terracotta figurines (hey, that's how Wikipedia describes them!) that have found popularity because of their weirdly catchy and ubiquitous "cha-cha-cha-chia catchphrase." Secondly, you actually have to take care of these. Thirdly, nothing good comes from purchasing someone a likeness of Shrek that sprouts its own hair.

9. A (used) copy of "50 Shades of Grey" from your mom: A used copy of "50 Shades of Grey" is awkward enough, but having it come from your mom?! Creepily enough, it implies that she read it. And secondly, it indicates that she wants you to read it too. Um…laters.

8. A stick of deodorant: Passive aggressive much?

7. Appliances: Nothing says "I love you" like a brand-new washing machine...NOT. While appliances might be practical, they don't necessarily evoke the warm, joyous giving personified by the holiday season.

6. An online-dating membership: Sure, you might be single, but with all of the holiday binge-eating, it's not the time to solve the problem. Anyway, the holidays are about love and family, not being reminded of your other shortcomings.

5. Sports tickets for non-sports fans: If you love sports, these are great. But if you openly hate sports/standing outside, it's a gift that simply says "I don't care about you."

4. Exercise equipment: See "deodorant" and "appliances."

3. Unsolicited diet books: Just say it to my face, why don't you?!

2. A vacuum: Vacuums are universally heralded as the most impersonal of household cleaning items. At least make the effort and buy a broom/mop or something.

1.Your lost teeth set in a necklace/or a vial of human blood/a lock of human hair: There's thoughtful, and then there's too thoughtful, i.e. gifts that border on something your stalker would give you. These gifts fit in that category.