ST. LOUIS - Nine months ago, June Herman and Julie Dubray decided to crack open the next chapter of their lives.

"We were looking around, looking for something to do and we just kept coming back to how much we love St. Louis," explained Herman.

But they didn't think they'd do it quite so literally.

"It just sort of came together," added Dubray.

It's their favorite St. Louis spots.

"The arch, the art museum, and also the city parks and the neighborhoods and all the things that make St. Louis so special and unique," said Herman.

Only they're illustrated in a children's book. That's the way it started.

"We felt that the history was a big part of it too and that really expanded the audience," Dubray explained.

Now they're busier than ever keeping up with the demand.

"When the truck opened up and there were three palettes of books, 4,600 books, I thought I was going to faint," Herman said.

They sold them all and had to order more the following month, proving they aren't the only ones proud to call St. Louis home. They're just the moms who put it in print and beautifully illustrated pictures so the rest of us could reminisce.

"If we could have dreamed as big as possible we wouldn't have dreamt this," Herman said.

"Goodnight St. Louis" is in more than 70 retail locations around St. Louis. It sells for $18.95.