ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Kindness can be shown a hundred different ways, but in the lobby of the Center for Advanced Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, it comes one note at a time thanks to a player piano that no longer has to play itself.

"So about four years ago we had a couple -- Howard and Mary Sutherland -- who came to play regularly and they really started the music program just by accident," said Sarah Colby, program coordinator for the Arts and Health Care Program for Barnes Jewish Hospital and Siteman.

The lobby has now become sort of an impromptu concert hall.

"To have music in a big public space really softens the environment," Colby said.

Each song hopefully brings a little joy to the people passing through.

"She says you go see the doctor and she'll listen to the piano player," Clyde Creel said.

"I just love this music," his wife, Verna, said.

She's not alone. The piano has become so popular they now have planned performances.

"Washington University has this group called Cadence with Care they organize themselves and come in everyday and play for a little while for our patients. At least once a month we have a musician or two from the St. Louis Symphony come and performs," Colby said.

All of whom are volunteering their time and talent. So it might not be a cure, but hopefully these 88 keys make time here a little more comforting.