ST. LOUIS - It is a path less traveled with temperatures so low, but just because we don't like to be out in it doesn't mean some of the animals at the Saint Louis Zoo don't.

"There's always animals that love the cold weather," said Jack Grisham, vice president of Animal Collections.

Some you expect, like the snow leopards, but others you probably don't.

"The bactrian camels, the two hump camels are out playing in the snow all the time, they love this weather," said Grisham.

Something else that's sort of interesting about this type of camel, originally from China, is that they can drink 30 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes.

"And then we have the takin. They're out in the weather this time of year and just love it," said Grisham.

Other animals might not love it, but can adapt to it better than others. Especially when they have a heated pool.

"So the water right now is 43 degrees," explained Kyle Ulmer, zoological manager of pinnipeds.

And that's where the sea lions spend 85 percent of their day. They also have an area inside the cave.

"They'll actually go in there and pile up so they have lots of body heat to keep them all warm," said Ulmer.

Plus during the winter they not only eat more, but they get tossed mackerel, a fattier fish.

"It really helps them build up their blubber layer and helps to insulate them against the cold," said Ulmer.

Other animals tend to stay inside like the apes and some of the birds, but not all of them.

"All the animals, as long as we have heated building for them, shelter for them to go in, they're all happy," said Grisham.

So you might want to hibernate this time of year, but it seems several of the animals at the zoo don't.

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