ST. LOUIS - The signs in front of Carondelet Bakery say a lot, but they hardly say it all since this is the oldest bakery in St. Louis.

It's a place where fresh baked goods have been pulled out of the oven for more than 135 years.

"This is a new oven, well I mean 1950," said Bob Smith, owner of Carondelet Bakery.

He started working here when he was 12-years-old and bought the place when he was only 20.

"Ignorance is blind you don't realize what you're getting yourself into.," Smith explained.

"It was a huge undertaking, there were over 18 employees at that time and all of them were old master bakers who taught him the trade," added Bob's wife, Linda.

These days Bob and Linda are the bakery's only employees.

"He's the starter, I'm the finisher," said Linda.

And although they are far from the oldest things here the Smiths are ready to retire.

"Everybody keeps telling me about fearing retirement, but I'd like to try it for awhile," Bob said.

The only problem is they want this historic building to remain a bakery. So they'll stretch their run as the bakery's owners until they find the right person with a passion for baking.

In the meantime they'll continue to make cookies, cakes, donuts and danishes in a place where the history is as sweet as what's on the shelves.

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