ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - Pat Widman rolls into places with more pride than she used to, but laces up her skates the same way she has since she was 10.

"I started taking beginners class and then I moved up from that class to another class and I was just hooked," Widman said.

She competed for the first time when she was 16.

"It was awesome. I came out with a little bitty trophy," she said.

And well, she hasn't taken a break since.

"I even skated when I was pregnant with both of my kids," Widman said.

But she didn't win her first national championship until 1999.

"When it comes time to compete you just have to keep her focused, don't let her look at her competition," her coach, Sherri Milward, said.

After her big win in '99, she went on a bit of a drought until recently, when this grandmother became the National Champion of Veteran Figures.

"I was always in the top ten then I always blow it because my nerves took over and this year I had no nerves and it finally paid off," Widman said.

So in a sport that most people don't even realize still exists, this South County grandmother is proving persistence pays off and winning is even more enjoyable at 57.

"Oh it was great everybody was cheering for me because they knew how hard I worked for it," Widman said.

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