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BERLIN (AP) - Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa, a winner of the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival five years ago, is back at the event with multinational new movie "Aloft" - her first work in English.

Llosa brings together Cillian Murphy, Jennifer Connelly and French actress Melanie Laurent in "Aloft," which uses flashbacks to explore the relationship between a mother and son. The director says forgiveness is a central theme.

Llosa said as she presented the film Wednesday: "Of course it's a challenge, directing in a language that is not your mother tongue - (but) I feel comfortable in English." She said her cast helped her find the right words.

"Aloft" is one of 20 films competing for Berlin's Golden Bear award, which Llosa's "The Milk of Sorrow" won in 2009.

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