CHESTERFIELD, Mo. - Want the local preacher's daughter to win "The Voice?" You might be able to help with the latest social media push.

Edwardsville native Tess Boyer wore her newly invented Twitter hash tag on her t-shirt as she returned to her day job.

Tess teaches at Krupinski Academy of Dance in Chesterfield and hasn't been there in weeks. The hashtag the Team Usher contestant came up with is #TESSTIFY.

"I thought, 'Oh my gosh that's completely perfect because I'm a pre-law student,' so testify makes sense. I'm a preacher's daughter. I lead worship at my church, so it's all just home to me. It's really really become my skin and my bones and everybody really likes it," said Tess.

She also says when she "tesstifys" a song she adds a sexy grit with a pop/soul feel. So use #TESSTIFY when you're rooting on our local gal during season six of "The Voice."

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