ST. LOUIS - Our colleague Jennifer Blome is ending her 34 year career at KSDK Friday.

I co-hosted Today in St. Louis with Jennifer for 22 years and spoke to some loyal viewers about what makes Jennifer so special.

The three longtime viewers have been watching the show since it began in the early 1980s. They are all big fans of Jennifer, and they say they couldn't wait until we started laughing. Apparently, laughter will be part of our legacy.

Imagine how much fun math class would be if the class clowns sat next to each other.

Jennifer Blome was a morning show veteran by the time I joined Today in St. Louis in 1989. Before we knew it, something clicked with our audience.

"You just knew that you two had such a great chemistry was so real and natural," said longtime viewer Shirley Gorman.

"The chemistry was there was genuine. You could tell that you love that you're doing," said Marilyn Westenberger.

Viewers like Marilyn gave us permission to be ourselves.

"When you come on the air, joking around, cracking up, we love that," she said.

"I've been watching Channel 5 and you since right out of high school and you've taken me into my 50s. I really enjoyed your show and I'll really miss you and I wish you the best of luck thank you so much," said Deana Tucker Dothage told Jennifer.

Deana Tucker Dothage, a Warrenton resident, expressed what so many have told us: that morning laughter is a great start to the day.

"And it wasn't just a little chuckle it was a gut busting laugh," she said.

"Sometimes you just couldn't control yourself it was just great," said Gorman.

Good luck, Jennifer. You'll be missed by the guy who sat next to you all those years, and by the viewers who made it possible.

"To say good luck, going to miss you, you're such a part of St. Louis, a treasure," said Westenberger.

And as I tweeted Thursday, we're getting the band back together! Jennifer and I are going to co-anchor one more time Friday at 6:30 a.m. I hope you'll join us on Today in St. Louis Friday on Jennifer's last day at NewsChannel 5.

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