KSDK – If you have been on Facebook lately, you may have seen the ubiquitous meme of ramen-hair Justin Timberlake informing you that "It's Gonna Be May."

Unless you are a seasoned N*SYNC fan, you probably have no idea what that means (other than that it's the end of April). Luckily, us folks here at are here to help you out.

Here's how explains it:

"It's Gonna Be May" refers to a misheard lyric featured in the 2000 pop song "It's Gonna Be Me" performed by American boy band 'N Sync. Since 2012 stills and GIFs of the video with the misheard caption circulate on the web towards the end of April.

Here's the original song:

So now you know! Congrats: you're hip. Enjoy the "It's Gonna Be May!" memes below:

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