OAKLAND, Calif. (CNN) – A performance artist in California has created a hook-up truck for intimate encounters. But it did not get a friendly reception at its first stop.

In fact, the hook-up truck wasn't allowed anywhere near Oakland's first Fridays Street Event.

"They said 'oh no, you're the Hook-Up Truck,' they said you're not allowed to come here," creator Spy Emerson said.

The idea for the truck comes from a conversation Spy Emerson had with a friend about using mobile apps… to hook up.

"Well, wouldn't that be funny if we had a mobile room and had people meet in it?" he said.

She wouldn't show us the room – she says it would spoil the secret to her business. As a venture, the San Francisco Department of Health says they've never signed off on this – the same goes for the city tax collector.

Spy says right now, they're not a business, because they're not charging, so for now, this all plays into this aim: social commentary about sex, art and money.

"The root and core of this is that I'm mocking that – I'm mocking that – all of these people with their money buying the thing," he said.

So far, there's quite a bit of curiosity, but not much info about what's inside the hook up room. The first visitors had no comment.

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