GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KSDK) - A slice of Hollywood is heading for Southern Illinois and a big name actor just accepted a part in the film.

A motion picture based on the book "Men of Granite" will film in Granite City in September.

It's a true story about the 1940 Granite City High School men's basketball team.

The team was comprised mostly of immigrants and they went on to win the Illinois State Championship. One of the immigrants from Eastern Europe even went on to play in the NBA.

L.A. producers just announced actor, William Hurt, has signed on to play the team's coach.

Casting director, Valerie McCaffrey, says she plans to tap into as many local actors as possible for minor parts.

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McCaffrey says while the original plan was to title the movie after the book, "Men of Granite." Producers have now decided to name the film "Boys of Lincoln Place." Lincoln Place is a neighborhood in Granite City where large groups of Eastern European immigrants settled to work in the city's steel industry.

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