NEW YORK – "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" is known for big guest stars and heavy story lines, but there's something you probably didn't know about one of the toughest detectives on the squad.

"SVU" is the longest running primetime drama on television, and has tackled the bad guys along with some pretty tough topics.

"We deal with very heavy content probably some of the most heavy content on television and our fans a lot of them are survivors," said actor Ice-T.

They are stories ripped from the headlines, but "SVU" does more than entertain.

"I think it gives a platform to have a conversation about things people don't want to talk about," said actor Danny Pino.

It's the conversations behind the scenes that might surprise you. Behind the scenes is like a sitcom and a little like Dr. Phil with Ice-T handing out advice.

"Ice has philosophical theories on several different subjects," said Pino.

Namely, on love and marriage.

"Here's a bit of advice only take advice from those you admire. So if the girls didn't admire myself and my wife's relationship they wouldn't ask advice. You know you don't ask your buddy about you girl if he's single and sleeping on his mother's couch," said Ice-T.

So the show might be heavy, but this cast obviously knows how to lighten the load.

Good news for fans of SVU, the show is coming back for a 16th season.

Take a look back at some of Mariska's hairstyles throughout the years:

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