ST. LOUIS - Everybody has an "undateable" point in their life. At least that's what one of the stars of the NBC comedy series of the same name told me a few hours ago.

Brent Morin plays Justin on the show that's a look into the world of guys like you've never seen on television. He stopped by the NewsChannel 5 studio Thursday morning to talk about the show, and his first love, stand-up comedy.

Morin worked for Conan O'Brien and says he learned a lot from him. But he loves acting, and the fact that the show taps into the insecurities a lot of guys have.

"It's not really about let's get these guys dates," explained Morin, "it's about a group of guys at a point in their life, where, you know, everybody has an undateable point in their life. I'm living mine right now! Where you'll look back, I'll look back, what the hell was I wearing? A black hoodie like I'm a rapper, put on a suit."

Yes, he was wearing a black hoodie. And that was just one of many funny moments during our interview.

Morin says he enjoys playing Justin, even if his character is his polar opposite. For example, Justin likes Lemon Drop shooters, went to choral camp, and has interesting taste in music.

Morin admits the some of the "One Direction" and Katy Perry songs his character has to sing make him wonder where his career is headed.

"I'll be sitting there memorizing lyrics," said Morin, "I'm sitting there, a comedian, dressed up as Justin, singing 'baby you light up my world,' and then I'll just look in the mirror. What am I doing? Who am I? Action movies are gone. This guy sings One Direction and goes to choral camp. I'm not doing an action movie. That dream is dead."

Morin enjoys acting, especially when he can improvise on the show.

"I put in a part of my act where I talk about how I'm not good at leaving," said Morin. "I always try to say something witty or charming when I'm walking away, but I'm not smart enough my brain doesn't work quick enough. So words don't even come out. People are like, see you later Brent, I'm like (gibberish). It's because I'm over thinking things."

You can see Undateable Thursday night at 8 p.m. on NewsChannel 5.

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