As Amazon rolls out plans for what they're calling the greatest smartphone yet, the Amazon Fire, a local girl is linked to the hoopla.

The Amazon lady is Ferguson native Amy Paffrath. She's shot seven commercials with the company and didn't even have to change her first name. She's referred to as "Mayday Amy" in the ads.

She went to St. Thomas Aquinas Mercy for high school, then on to Mizzou. She says it took 17 hours to shoot each 30 second commercial and the company insisted she have bright red and purple hair.

"You'll see at the front of my hair there's some purple streaks. At first there was just one, so we reshot everything and put more purple in my hair, so that was pretty interesting. The hair was the biggest diva on the set, not me," said Amy.

If she looks familiar, she also hosted the after shows and reunions for Season 4-6 of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

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