ST. LOUIS - Roxie the aardvark, star of the Emerson Children's Zoo inside the Saint Louis Zoo, is wrapping her season soon.

Two-year-old Roxie will appear at most of the 2 p.m. shows through Labor Day and will hang around on weekends through Sept. 28. She might make occasional appearances within Emerson throughout her off-season, but she won't be on a schedule.

During the shows, Roxie uses her 12-inch long tongue to play with a clear tube. A lucky audience member is also chosen to interact with her in front of the group.

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In the wild, Roxie would eat termites and ants, but at Emerson she enjoys meal worms, super worms, and crickets. Post-show she loves to take walks around the arena and munch on avocados.

"The aardvark is a weird and wonderful animal that truly looks like it was put together by a committee. The name aardvark comes from the Africaan name for earth pig, but we think Roxie is a lot cuter than this name would suggest," said Alice Seyfried, Fred Saigh Curator of the Emerson Children's Zoo, who added that Roxie learned pretty quickly how to walk on a harness. "Though shy, Roxie is really quite adorable and remarkably curious."

Also known as an "Earth pig," Roxie has partially webbed feet, large ears, and a long pig-like snout.

Check out Roxie in action in the video below:

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