By Courtney Gousman

St. Louis (KSDK) - A coloring book about the Occupy movement?

A Clayton company is making waves again worldwide after releasing its latest coloring book, "Occupy."

It features puzzles, poems, and games surrounding the group of protestors.

The book has yet to hit shelves, but in the two days it's been online, 1,000 copies have been ordered.

Publishers with "Really Big Coloring Books" say the idea came about a month ago after watching footage of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Company officials admit the book was created for adults, but say it can be used as a teaching tool for kids, and insists the book was not meant to poke fun of any one particular group.

"I think people really need to sit back and relax and laugh a little bit on some of the things we do as a country. We're trying to be as fair and equitable as strictly as possible because we know we need to represent America when we make something like this," said Wayne Bell.

"Really Big Coloring Books" is also the publisher of the controversial9/11 coloring book released over the summer, as well as one on the Tea Party movement.

The books are on sale for $6.99 and can be bought online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the company's website.

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