By Alex Fees

CASEYVILLE, IL (KSDK) - The sheriff of Perry County, Illinois, was arrested in Caseyville last week and cited for public indecency and drunkenness.

It happened after police say they saw Sheriff Keith Kellerman and another man engaged in sexual activity in the parking lot of a bar. The police report indicates an officer observed Kellerman and another man on top of each other in a car outside Killion's Irish Pub.

The police report states the other man's pants were unzipped and his shirt was unbuttoned and that both men appeared to be intoxicated. The officer who filed the report indicates that when he asked why the men were engaged in such activities in a public area and not in the confines of their own homes, the other man stated, "Two guys don't usually do this kind of stuff at home."

The officer advised the other man to call somebody to pick them up due to their impairment and inability to drive.

Kellerman, 48, has been sheriff of Perry County for several years.

NewsChannel 5 was unable to reach Kellerman Monday night, but a dispatcher at the Perry County Sheriff's Department said she had been instructed not to comment about the alleged incident.

Kellerman's court date is set for January 12.

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