Creve Coeur, MO (KSDK) - A New Year's Eve celebration could have been tragic for a nine-month old little girl. A bullet tore through the roof of her family's Creve Coeur home and landed just feet from where she slept.

Now the girl's parents who are outraged that someone would be so careless.

Dave Marting and his wife put their baby, Keira, to bed around 10:00 Saturday night. They never expected to wake up Sunday and find a large caliber bullet in their daughter's bedroom.

"It's a pretty irresponsible thing to do in a subdivision area," said Marting. "No one would ever expect a bullet to land in a baby's room you know? This is my daughter. It's freaky. It's scary."

Police say it was a .45 caliber bullet that went through the roof and then the ceiling of the Marting's one-story home. It left a hole in baby Keira's ceiling about the size of a silver dollar. The bullet bounced off a footrest and then landed on the carpet just feet away from Keira's crib. That's where it was found Sunday morning.

Marting and police say firing a gun in the air is one of the worst possible ways to celebrate an occasion.

"You don't think about the consequences of what happens," said Marting. "What if someone was outside celebrating and the bullet came down and hit somebody right in the head? I mean, you can get fireworks anywhere and that seems like a perfectly good way to celebrate."

St. Louis County police now have the bullet. They're looking for any way to tie it back to the person who fired it.

Meanwhile, Marting hopes his story will serve as a reminder to others about the dangers of celebration shooting.

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