By Sharon Stevens Education Reporter

Wentzville, MO (KSDK) - From text books to netbooks. The Wentzville School District is providing personal computers to 1,000 freshman to use for the next three-and-half years.

Educators started handing out the computers Monday.

The netbooks are the new books at Timberland High School.

Educators voted last year to give each high school freshman a personal computer after an anonymous donor provided $500,000 to be used for technology.

Students say they're excited about their new learning tools, but there will be some restrictions; no Facebook or YouTube.

School district officials say they're always going to have books, although fewer of them as the years go by.

Wentzville Superintendent Dr. Terry Adams says the netbooks are less expensive than hard cover books and he predicts that in 10 years, nearly every high school in America will be doing the same thing.

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