By Casey Nolen

UPDATE: The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission has made its complete proposalto the St. Louis Rams available electronically on its website. The CVC is also outlining the financial details of the plan which it says will upgrade the Edward Jones Dome to "first-tier" in required areas of the dome.

Click here to see the complete proposal to the Rams.

Click here for the financial details of the plan.

St. Louis (KSDK) - Late Tuesday afternoon, the Convention and Visitors Commission shared for the first time its proposal to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome in an effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

According to the contract with the St. Louis Rams, an upgrade to the Dome is required to keep the Rams playing in St. Louis after the 2015 season.

There is a legal agreement between the CVCand the Rams not to discuss the details of the negotiation, but Wednesday both sides agreed to shed some light on a, so far, shrouded process.

One of the most visible changes the CVCwants to make to the Dome is to open it up to more natural lightby replacing some of the panelingnear the top of the Dome to let more light in.

If it becomes a reality, another change football fans would notice right away is a jumbo video screen hung from the center of the Dome, over the field.

The CVCalso wants to upgrade the suites and add 1,500 new club seats. Those are high-end areas that can generate more revenue for the team.

The CVC also wants to build a new entrance and party deck on Baer Plaza across Broadway from the Dome. The entrance would serve those with access to suites and club seats. And the CVC proposes closing Broadway next to the Dome on game days to allow late arriving crowds room to line up without the fear of traffic.

The Dome is required to be in the top 25 percent of all stadiums in very specific areas of the facility, butnot the best stadium in the league says CVC President Kathleen "Kitty" Ratcliffe.

"We do not need to be Jerry Jones' Cowboys Stadium. What we need to be is among the top 25 percent in those various areas of measurement and we can be," said Ratcliffe.

The total estimated coast of this proposal is $124 million. The way the CVC reads the contract, the Rams would be responsible for about 52 percent of the cost of this plan. The rest would come from public money.

The CVC isn't prepared to say exactly where the money would come from, but on his blog Mayor Francis Slay said Wednesday that no new public money would go to the project without a vote of the people.

A representative from St. Louis County echoed that position.

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